"Power engine" escorts the development of rural enterprises

2021-09-10 打印
On September 9, the reporter learned from Xining electric power branch of state grid that the company is based on practicing the purpose of "people's power industry for the people", goes deep into the grass-roots front line, wins trust with practical work, and escorts the development of rural enterprises with high-quality services.

In the early autumn, I walked into Qinghai xinlvkang Food Co., Ltd. in Huangzhong District, Xining city. Ning Wei, the equipment supervisor, was very satisfied with the current power guarantee: "the power is sufficient. Our five production workshops are running at full load every day, the output is also increasing, and the company is growing step by step."

Qinghai xinlukang Food Co., Ltd. is a rural enterprise in haihaimaquan village, lushar Town, Huangzhong district. It is engaged in the production and planting of highland barley instant noodles, tartary buckwheat tea, oatmeal and other cereals with plateau characteristics. From the initial annual output of 7000 kg to the current annual output of 25000 kg, the scale of the company continues to expand.

The development of Qinghai xinlvkang Food Co., Ltd. is inseparable from the modern production mode. In 2010, a 250 KVA special transformer was installed in the production workshop, with sufficient power support. Driven by a large number of electrified equipment such as flour ratio and flour machine, high-temperature extruder and press, the company's output soared and its products were widely praised.

"There are more and more orders and the employees are too busy. We recruit the villagers from nearby villages to the company. The villagers from nine nearby villages all work here. There are more than 140 employees at most. The company is getting better and better. We also think that the villagers can get rich together." Ning Wei said that in 2019, The company has added one transformer of 250 KVA to two transformers of 315 KVA, with sufficient power guarantee. At present, there are five production workshops, and there is no problem in full load production.

Source: Qinghai news · Damei Qinghai client