Industry Xiaobai must see! Five minutes to understand the composition of China

2021-09-14 打印
Electric energy is an indispensable necessity for people. Air conditioners, mobile phones, refrigerators, computers, WiFi, washing machines and so on all need electric energy. It is no exaggeration to say that electric energy accounts for half of our life. Many people must be like me. Before that, they didn't understand how electricity came, and they knew little about China's huge power grid system. Today, Raines uses an article to popularize what our state grid system is like for your reference. Let's explain it to you by Raines.

Raines uses the following video to briefly explain the relevant knowledge of our leading power grid company - "State Grid".

Note: the company type and work summary of the units directly under the State Grid province are shown in the figure below

The first two parts are power generation, transmission and distribution. The third part is the equipment manufacturers in the power grid system, mainly including three major manufacturers and three main engines in the field of thermal power generation. The main manufacturers are the boiler plant, steam turbine plant and generator plant corresponding to Shanghai Electric Group, Harbin Electric group and Dongfang Electric Group. Electrical manufacturers also include XJ, Nari and Pinggao, as well as international manufacturers such as ALSTOM, Siemens and Mitsubishi. Transformer manufacturers mainly include well-known electrical equipment manufacturers such as TBEA and Siemens transformers, as well as other manufacturers involving boilers, steam turbines, generators, transformers, switches, automatic control systems and other equipment.

The fourth part is the power facilities and power construction enterprises, which are mainly responsible by the two construction companies.

1. China Energy Construction Co., Ltd. is composed of China Gezhouba Group Corporation, China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation, and Power Survey and design, engineering construction, and equipment manufacturing enterprises in 15 provinces under the State Grid South grid. The six thermal power design institutes (North China, northeast, Central South, northwest, East China and southwest) belong to China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation.

2. Reform and reorganization of China Power Construction Corporation, China water resources and Hydropower Construction Corporation, China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Corporation, survey and design enterprises, power construction enterprises and equipment repair and manufacturing enterprises. It is divided into 85 secondary subsidiaries and holding companies, including power construction road and bridge, railway, port and shipping, nuclear power, new energy, international, real estate, marine investment, power construction leasing, power construction equipment research institute, power construction water treatment, power construction (Germany). The task is to install power facilities and complete equipment hoisting and welding according to the drawing requirements. The drawings come from the design institute and equipment manufacturers.

The above information is about the power system that Raines combed for you. I wonder if you feel the same touch as me. We see the beautiful patterns outlined by the power staff under the blue sky. When we walk in the brightly lit streets and alleys, do we know how much the hard work of power employees has been condensed, How many power employees have devoted their selfless love. Here, Xiaobian would like to express his thanks and high respect to our power practitioners! Raines believes that with the efforts of every power person, China's power development will change with each passing day!

Source: International Energy Network