Switch off and limit power during peak power consumption? Response from the two provinces: avoid this situation as much as possible

2021-09-28 打印
Yesterday (September 26)

"Switching off and power rationing in the peak of power consumption in the three eastern provinces"

Once rushed to the hot search first

Some netizens said that the power failure has lasted for three days, and the time is getting earlier and earlier, and the mobile phone has no signal. Some netizens also mentioned that the traffic lights on the main roads of the city could not operate normally due to the power failure, and some shops could only light candles for business.

State Grid staff response

Yesterday (September 26) afternoon, the staff of State Grid Jilin Electric Power Co., Ltd. said: "at present, the power continues to be tense, resulting in insufficient power generation and supply capacity, which can not meet the growth of power consumption. Therefore, there is a relatively large power gap. At present, the measures of 'staggering peak first, avoiding peak again, and then limiting power' will be taken to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid."

The customer service of Liaoning Province of State Grid said that the power restriction began around September 23, and the power restriction duration in different regions is not the same, ranging from 4 to 9 hours.

With regard to the problem of residential power rationing, the priority is to implement orderly power transmission for non residents this time. There is still a power gap after the implementation of orderly power transmission. If no emergency measures are taken, it will lead to a larger power outage, and the recovery will be more difficult and slower at that time.

"There is no way to notify in advance", the customer service said that power restriction is an emergency measure caused by the emergency power gap. At present, we can only find the time to restore power supply in the early morning of September 27, and other specific power restriction times can not be queried at present.

With regard to compensation, if it is due to the power supply company, you can call 95598 or report to the State Grid. At that time, special staff will conduct on-site investigation, and the insurance company will also repair or compensate.

Liaoning and Jilin responded that the residents should be informed in advance of the need for power outage

Yesterday (September 26), Liaoning and Jilin provinces held a meeting to arrange the power security work and proposed to avoid switching off and power rationing as much as possible.

The power guarantee work conference held in Liaoning pointed out that since July, due to the sharp decline of power generation capacity, Liaoning Province has a power shortage. From September 23 to 25, the power supply gap further increased to a serious level.

In order to prevent the collapse of the whole power grid, the dispatching department of Northeast power grid directly issued instructions to implement the "Power Grid Accident switching off and power rationing" in accordance with the relevant plans, and the scope of power consumption was expanded to residents and enterprises that did not implement orderly power consumption measures.

Yesterday (September 26), Jilin Province held a video dispatching meeting to ensure power coal supply, thermal insulation and warm winter and industrial operation. Wu Jingping, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and executive vice governor of Jilin Province, stressed that we should make every effort to ensure the basic power demand of people's livelihood and avoid switching off and power rationing as much as possible. The power grid company shall dispatch scientifically and accurately, and inform the residents in advance to be prepared and guide the enterprise units to avoid peak and stagger power consumption. Power generation enterprises should do everything possible to increase supply, reduce downtime and maintenance, ensure power generation capacity during peak hours, and coordinate the peak output of wind and solar new energy. Emergency plans should be formulated to prevent the occurrence of systematic and regional centralized power outages for a long time, and effectively improve the people's sense of satisfaction.

Source: Nanfang Daily