China Southern Power Grid takes multiple measures to ensure the stable operation of the National Day holiday

2021-10-04 打印
The National Day is approaching, the autumn heat is not decreasing, the power demand in Guangdong is strong, and the load continues to operate at a high level. In the face of hot weather and tight power supply situation, China Southern Power Grid Guangdong Power Grid Corporation strengthened the operation and maintenance of transmission lines, improved the accuracy of load forecasting, strengthened early warning and forecasting, strengthened duty, took multiple measures to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid, and spared no effort to ensure public services and power grid safety.

On September 26, Zhongshan had hot weather for days, and the power supply situation was tense. The staff of Guangming patrol center of No. 1 Substation Management Institute of Guangdong Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid strengthened the dynamic monitoring of power supply equipment, spared no effort to maintain orderly and stable power supply within the jurisdiction and ensure residents' domestic power consumption. Photographed by correspondent sun Jiabiao

Scientific prediction and accurate balance of supply and demand

The large curved screen and semi-circular command console are combined into a "cockpit" with a full sense of science and technology. The screen jumps and displays all kinds of data of power grid operation. Guangdong Huizhou Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid creatively introduced the main distribution network model splicing technology and took the lead in realizing the real-time panoramic display of power grid risk in the field of dispatching control of China Southern Power Grid.

In order to ensure orderly power supply during the national day, the dispatch and control center of Huizhou Power Supply Bureau has officially launched the intelligent dispatching operation auxiliary decision-making system. Based on big data and artificial intelligence technology, it can quickly and accurately identify power grid risks all day and in multiple dimensions, and monitor the real-time load curve of power grid and unit output, Improve the accuracy of load forecasting and unit peak demand forecasting, and issue information early warning in advance, so as to provide reliable data support for dispatchers to make scientific decisions on power grid operation mode. "The trial effect is far better than expected." Zhang suming, head of the main network control team of the control center of Huizhou Power Supply Bureau, is full of expectations for the operation of the new system.

Big data technology also provides a solid data foundation for accurate holiday load forecasting. "The more detailed and authentic the data, the higher the accuracy of load forecasting." Zhao Wen, dispatching control center of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation of China Southern Power Grid, explained that the center, combined with big data such as historical load, meteorology and economic operation, extensively carried out the investigation on the commencement of industrial users during the national day, finely analyzed and predicted the load characteristics of Guangdong Province, and reasonably prepared the power grid operation mode, Balance the supply and demand of the power grid to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period.

Active service and concerted efforts to implement orderly power consumption

All units of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation take the initiative to strengthen contacts with local government departments and enterprises, establish a communication and linkage mechanism, reasonably arrange enterprises' peak load shifting power consumption, maximize the guarantee of peak load shifting without reducing production, minimize the impact on economy and society, and jointly promote the implementation of orderly power consumption in the territory.

Before the holiday, Guangdong Yuexiu Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid Distributed the "orderly power consumption notice" to customers who need to stagger the peak in advance to guide customers to timely adjust their production plan in combination with their actual situation, carry out orderly power consumption and avoid temporary power cut-off; Jointly with the Bureau of science, technology, industry and information technology of Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, actively carry out extensive publicity on saving and scientific power consumption, guide users to actively avoid peak, and form a joint steering group to conduct on-site supervision on more than 500 large and medium-sized businesses in the region, so as to ensure that various measures for orderly power consumption are implemented in place.

Huadu Guoguang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guoguang electric appliance) is an enterprise engaged in the design and production of electroacoustic products. It is the second leading enterprise in Huadu area. Recently, China Southern Power Grid Guangzhou Huadu Power Supply Bureau formed a coordination team to carry out peak load shifting power consumption coordination with the company, conduct in-depth communication with relevant responsible persons, serve the production of enterprises, establish a power supply service guarantee mechanism in the whole process, jointly study and optimize the production scheduling plan, help enterprises save electricity, and strive to reduce the impact on their production capacity during the national day.

"We adjusted the production plans of different workshops and took turns to rest to adapt to the peak shifting arrangement, and the power supply department also gave intimate power guarantee." the person in charge of Guoguang electric production said that the power supply department specially arranged the customer manager to connect with the enterprise to understand the enterprise load composition, and "tailor-made" power consumption scheme according to the load of each workshop, which not only guaranteed the production needs, Staggered peak power consumption was also implemented.

Put into operation in advance to ease the power shortage of the project

On September 29, in a burst of cheers, the phase I project of 500 kV grid optimization in western Guangdong was successfully put into operation. This power grid project, which took six months from excavation, grinding, pouring to final hoisting and installation, has opened up a new power transmission channel from western Guangdong to Dawan District load center.

It is understood that the transmission capacity of the project can meet the external transmission of 3500 MVA of offshore wind power from Huaxia Yangxi power plant, Maoming Bohe power plant and western Guangdong. After successful operation, the power transmission capacity will be increased by 2.4 million KW, effectively alleviating the current power shortage in the province.

In the face of the contradiction between power supply and demand in the province, Guangdong Power Grid Corporation has actively taken measures to accelerate the construction of power transmission and transformation projects. This year, four power supply guarantee projects will be put into operation in advance and one unplanned project will be added. It is estimated that the power transmission capacity of Guangdong Province will increase by 6 million KW after it is put into operation.

Collected and written by: Nandu reporter Dai Guohui correspondent Shen Dian Kong Deqi
Source: Tencent