State Grid of China: Russia

2021-10-08 打印
During the "11" holiday, many places in China ensured stable and orderly power supply. Among them, China State Grid Heilongjiang power coordinated Russia to increase power supply. Since October 1, the full load (750 MW) operation time of Heihe 500 kV converter station has increased from 5 hours to 16 hours a day, which has greatly alleviated the shortage of power supply in China.

On October 6, the 500kV Amur black line connecting Amur state of Russia and Heihe River of China is the cross-border transmission line with the highest voltage level in China. In order to ensure local power demand, Heilongjiang power of China State Grid coordinated Russia to increase power supply, which greatly alleviated the shortage of power supply. At the same time, the company organized personnel to strengthen the patrol inspection of converter stations and substations to ensure the stable operation of power equipment.

During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, Heilongjiang power staff of China State Grid inspected the 500 kV Heihe converter station.

In order to achieve scientific and accurate dispatching, employees of the power dispatching control center of Liaoning Fuxin Power Supply Company of China Grid visited the 220 kV Zhangwu Dalin typhoon farm to understand the installed capacity, power generation and equipment operation.

It is reported that Heilongjiang Province has a land and water border of about 3000 kilometers with Russia's Far East States, which is the forefront of China's opening up to Russia and economic and trade cooperation. The power purchase project to Russia started power transmission through 110 kV cloth black line at 11:00 on July 1, 1992. In 2012, the Sino Russian DC 500kV "back-to-back" interconnection project was put into operation. The 500kV Heihe converter station, which is separated by a river from blagovishensk, Russia, is also an important hub of the Sino Russian DC interconnection project. Russian power is imported into the three provinces of Heilongjiang, Kyrgyzstan and Liaoning through here, radiating the whole northeast region. Since the 29 years of bilateral cooperation, China's cumulative power purchase from Russia has exceeded 30 billion kwh, providing strong power support for the northeast region.

It is understood that the 500kV Heihe converter station is the core of the China Russia DC interconnection project, the first transnational energy cooperation project of the State Grid Corporation of China. The Sino Russian DC interconnection project is currently a power transmission and transformation project planned and constructed by China to purchase power from outside China with the highest voltage level and the largest capacity.

Source: International Energy Network