Enterprises resume work and production, and the power consumption in southern Vietnam shows an upward trend

2021-11-12 打印
Evn SPC said on November 8 that in October, the commercial power consumption of 21 provinces and cities in the South increased by 10% month on month, equivalent to a net increase of 536 million kwh. Among them, the power consumption of provinces around Ho Chi Minh City increased by 30% in Long'an, 7% in Pingyang and 11% in tongnai and Qianjiang.

Evn SPC said that in October, after the epidemic was gradually controlled and social isolation measures were relaxed, production and operation activities gradually resumed under the new normal, increasing power consumption.

However, evn SPC also said that the power consumption of some provinces such as jin'ou, charong, Shuozhuang and boliao decreased by 4-7% compared with September due to the epidemic. According to statistics, the commercial power consumption of 8 power companies in 8 provinces and cities still showed negative growth year-on-year due to the epidemic. The power consumption of industrial construction industry in many provinces and cities in the south is still low, with a year-on-year increase of only 0.68%, the lowest level in the past 10 years.