The substation of the first new equipment hanging network base of China Southern Power Grid Corporation was successfully put into operation

2021-12-29 打印
Recently, the 220 kV base substation of Foshan Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation, the first new equipment hanging base of China Southern Power Grid Corporation, was successfully put into operation. For the first time in China, new equipment of different voltage levels and disciplines were put into centralized hanging and trial operation in the actual power grid.

The base is an intelligent operation and maintenance digital substation designed according to the complete substation mode. It has taken 9 months from project establishment to completion and operation. It is the 220 kV substation with the shortest construction time in the whole network. The station adopts modular layout, and special grid hanging areas are set in the main transformer area, distribution device area at all levels and protection and communication equipment area. The distribution devices at all levels are normally connected to the power grid, providing a real power grid operation environment for new grid hanging equipment, realizing centralized and standardized management of grid hanging equipment, and greatly reducing the impact of decentralized grid hanging trial operation of new equipment on the safe operation of power grid, It plays an important role in promoting the application of new equipment and technology in power grid and promoting the overall improvement of technology and equipment level of the whole network.