2022-02-15 打印
Users can temporarily reduce or increase the power load. The power resources are regulated by the market mechanism and price lever, and the emergency regulation of the power grid is more reasonable and efficient... Recently, Anhui Energy Bureau issued the implementation plan of Anhui power demand response (Trial), which marks the formal establishment of the Market-oriented Power demand response mechanism in our province.

What are the benefits of this mechanism? Its biggest advantage is to realize the optimal allocation of power resources. According to reports, the mechanism fully mobilized all kinds of response resources and widely mobilized various market subjects such as industrial and commercial users, load aggregators, public institutions, energy storage, electric vehicles and residential users to actively participate in demand response. At the same time, it enriches the types of demand response compensation. For example, the participants can not only temporarily reduce or increase the power load, but also obtain a certain capacity compensation cost for a long time by providing the power grid with load resources that can be called at any time, which increases the compensation incentive and improves the emergency regulation capacity of the power grid.

In addition, the compensation price standard has been formulated scientifically. Implement different response compensation prices for the power load participating in the demand response according to the response type, and correct it by adjusting the time coefficient and load response rate coefficient. Implement the capacity compensation price on a monthly basis for the scheduled and real-time standby capacity that can be used at any time, make differential adjustment according to the demand in the low and peak seasons, and settle the compensation expenses every half a year, Establish a reasonable cost recovery mechanism for participants.

Source: Xinhuanet