Power shortage: Switzerland needs to build three new standby gas-fired power stations

2022-02-22 打印
In the face of power shortage, the Swiss Federal Council announced plans to build new hydropower and gas-fired power stations to create power reserves. Federal Commissioner somaluga said the matter had been made a priority.

The report said that the risk of power shortage in Switzerland is real. Economic decarbonization and the elimination of nuclear power in several European countries will lead to a sharp increase in demand for electricity from 2025. The most pessimistic scenario is that there may be a power shortage for several hours in winter. In response to this risk, the federal government hopes to build new standby hydropower and gas-fired power stations. Hydropower stations are planned to start construction next winter, while gas-fired power stations need a detailed report on "preferred technology and site selection" formulated by the Federal Ministry of environment and energy, and should be planned based on the existing infrastructure. At the same time, gas-fired power stations also need to operate in a carbon neutral manner.

The federal electricity Commission (ELCOM) believes that Switzerland must build two to three gas-fired power stations with a total output of 1000 MW, at a cost of about 700 to 900 million Swiss francs. If existing facilities and infrastructure are used, the cost may be lower. When these power stations are put into operation, the annual operating cost will reach CHF 6 million.