There was once a power shortage in China! How will power be guaranteed this year?

2022-03-09 打印
This year's government work report proposes to ensure food and energy security. Ensure the people's livelihood and the normal production and operation of enterprises.

In 2021, there was once a power shortage in China, so how to ensure the power this year when the pressure in all aspects still exists? Let's take a look at the interview and observation of journalists from the two sessions in Zhejiang, a major manufacturing province.

In Ningbo, Zhejiang, a manufacturing base along the eastern coast, the reporter visited a number of industrial enterprises in different fields to understand the power consumption this year. In a sporting goods manufacturing enterprise, the person in charge told reporters that driven by the Winter Olympics, the enterprise had a steady stream of orders in the first quarter of this year. The factory worked overtime for 24 hours. Last year, the factory lost some orders because of power restriction.

Wang Dongxiao, head of a sporting goods manufacturing enterprise in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province: the power consumption is much more stable than last year. At the most serious time last year, it will be stopped for about three days a week. So far this year, it has not been stopped. If there is no power, everything will be gone. Order guarantee, employee guarantee and market guarantee.

In another large wind power equipment manufacturing enterprise, orders also increased rapidly in the first quarter, and the enterprise is preparing for this year's power consumption peak.

Yan Jie, director of the Engineering Department of a wind power equipment manufacturing enterprise in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province: so far, the power consumption of the enterprise meets the production requirements, and we are also doing in-depth excavation in the energy-saving transformation.

Many enterprises choose to adapt to off peak production through technological transformation, and use robots to replace the original traditional production line, so as to reduce the power pressure during peak hours.

Xu Bin, the person in charge of a bridge equipment manufacturing enterprise in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province: our goal of technological transformation is to operate normally in 24 hours, reduce energy consumption by about 40%, and try our best to arrange power consumption in a low state.

The power consuming enterprises are working overtime to complete the orders in hand, while the power supply enterprises at the other end have also opened the high load operation state. Beilun power plant, located in Ningbo, undertakes the important task of ensuring the power supply of Zhejiang Province. According to the person in charge of the power plant, in February this year, the power generation capacity of four coal-fired units of the power plant was 1.478 billion kwh, 24% more than the planned power, which was also the first time in recent years.

Wang Xing, deputy director of Beilun power plant operation Department of National Energy Group Zhejiang company: the pressure of coal power supply is very great. Yesterday, the average load rate of units in our plant was 91%, which means that most of the time the units are in full power.

In order to ensure the power demand during peak hours, Beilun power plant is stepping up the organization and implementation of the annual supply of power coal. Lin Zhifeng, the head of the power plant, said that this is the most important thing for them at this stage.

Lin Zhifeng, deputy general manager of Beilun Power Plant of National Energy Group Zhejiang company: we have done a good job in ensuring the supply of coal, because the ration is the most important. The amount of power coal ration this year will be large on the whole, which may exceed 8.3 million tons.

Lin Zhifeng said that the rapid rise in coal prices last year was still fresh in his memory. The coal price once exceeded 2000 yuan per ton. The shortage of coal in the market and the increasing cost pressure of power plants are also important reasons for the shortage of electricity. In order to stabilize coal prices, recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice on further improving the coal market price formation mechanism, clarifying that the medium and long-term agreement price of power coal is 570 yuan to 770 yuan per ton. Market expectations stabilized, which relieved Lin Zhifeng.

Lin Zhifeng, deputy general manager of Beilun Power Plant of National Energy Group Zhejiang company: the price can be controlled at a reasonable level, so we must have more confidence in doing a good job of supply guarantee.

Chen Shihong, the head of coal procurement in Zhejiang region of the national energy group, is leading the company's procurement team to sign medium and long-term coal contracts with upstream enterprises in recent days. The current coal price is lower than that of last year.

Chen Shihong, director of planning and operation Department of Zhejiang fuel company of national energy group: this price takes into account both power enterprises and coal enterprises. For the 100% long-term agreement signed, the prices we implement are within the reasonable range required by the national development and Reform Commission.

In addition to ensuring the stable power supply of power enterprises, the overall dispatching of power grid is also very important. In February this year, Ningbo's economy recovered strongly, with a year-on-year increase of 29.14%. In Ningbo power grid dispatching center, Chen Donghai, the person in charge, introduced that due to the high proportion of local new energy and unstable power generation, it is necessary to adjust the load of coal power, gas power and other power plants in real time.

Chen Donghai, director of the dispatching control center of State Grid Ningbo power supply company: the installed capacity of new energy accounts for more than 20%, but the annual power generation of new energy accounts for only about 5% of Ningbo. This year, we will strengthen the due generation of coal-fired units to ensure industrial production and residential electricity.

In order to improve the regulation ability of power consumption peak, Ningbo has recently managed the air conditioning load of some office buildings, shopping malls, cold storage and data centers in a unified way. When the power consumption peak comes, the load can be reduced at any time.

The deputy director of the marketing department ordered that the total load of these sensors installed in Ningbo accounts for about 6% of the total load of our power supply terminals at the peak of the city.

Similarly, in order to solve the problem of instability of new energy, in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia, the country's first power grid friendly and green integration demonstration project has been connected to the grid for power generation to alleviate the rapidly growing power gap.

Xu Dongjie, deputy chief engineer of the general electric power planning and Design Institute: during the large-scale generation of new energy, the whole electric quantity can be shifted through energy storage. During the peak period of load, the power demand can be met through the discharge of energy storage, and the load side can be accurately controlled.

According to the prediction of China Electricity Council, the overall balance of power supply and demand in China will be in 2022, and the power supply and demand in some regions will be tight during peak summer and peak winter.

Wang Yixuan, director of the statistics and data center of China Electricity Council: it is estimated that in 2022, the power consumption of the whole society will be 8.7 trillion to 8.8 trillion kwh, with a year-on-year increase of 5% to 6%, and the growth rate in each quarter will increase step by step.

Wang Zhixuan, President of new energy system and carbon neutralization Research Institute of North China Electric Power University: I think in 2022, the balance between supply and demand of electricity is still in a tight balance. Coal power is still the basic energy. It is necessary to support the basic supply, and the responsibility of coal power has not changed.

On the other hand, in 2022, the optimized combination of coal power and new energy will also provide more powerful support for power supply.

Liang Zhipeng, deputy director of the legal system and system reform department of the National Energy Administration: coal-fired power units are still the main force of power operation, but the general direction is to improve the supply of non fossil energy, especially renewable energy, and optimize the combination of new energy and coal-fired power.

Reporter ordinary: after experiencing the power shortage in 2021, we can better understand the meaning of maintaining power is maintaining growth. According to the data of 2021, each industrial power consumption can produce nearly 8 yuan of industrial added value. At present, coal-fired power also depends on the power supply. At present, the average service age of domestic coal-fired power units is 12 years old, which is equivalent to young adults. As the ration of coal-fired power, the price of electric coal is expected to remain within a reasonable range this year, which creates strong conditions for power supply in 2022. The green transformation of energy is a process, which cannot be broken before it is established. It should be established before it is broken.