Promote the high quality development of the company with high standards; from filling the blank to going to the world

October 14th is the 50th World Standards Day. This year's theme is "Video Standards Create a Global Stage." Ta……

  • 2021-08-06
    8.5 Olympic daily | the 14-year-old "full score girl" was born, and the myth of dongqiqi

    The Tokyo Olympic Games has entered the 13th competition day, and the Olympic schedule is coming to an end. The Chinese delegati……

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  • 2021-08-03
    225 meters high! The cooling tower of this home appliance factory is the highest in the world, setting a Guinness world record!

    On July 22, the cooling tower of Guoneng Shengli Power Plant was recognized as the Guinness world record of "the highest co……

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  • 2021-07-31
    Power on! Aerospace Industrial Research Institute generator sets aid Henan disaster relief, send Guangming to ensure safety

    "Yulinzhuang village, Zhitian town has formed a barrier lake due to the flood discharge of the upstream reservoir, which is……

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  • 2021-07-29
    Two more gold! The latest report of the Olympic Games is coming

    On the 28th, Chinese combinations Chen Yunxia, Zhang Ling, LV Yang and Cui Xiaotong won the gold medal in the women's four perso……

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  • 2021-07-24
    Baihetan Hydropower Station was officially put into operation, and the power generation capacity of the first batch of units put into operation exceeded 1 billion kwh

    The third megawatt unit of Baihetan Hydropower Station successfully passed the 72 hour trial operation yesterday (July 17) and w……

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  • 2021-07-17
    Zhejiang Tonglu enterprises participate in the construction of the world

    A few days ago, the first batch of units of Baihetan Hydropower Station on Jinsha River, which is the largest hydropower station……

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  • 2021-07-16
    Speeding up the project putting into operation to develop sufficient electric energy for Zhejiang Province

    In order not to let the development of electric power, but also to hand in a high score answer paper on the occasion of the 100t……

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  • 2021-07-13
    Xinhua: Guangdong

    According to China Southern Power Grid Corporation, from January to June this year, the power consumption of the three major ind……

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  • 2021-07-10
    Yao Qiang of China Power Construction: looking at the future new power system from seven aspects

    During the "2021 international energy reform dialogue", the reporter interviewed Yao Qiang, member of the Standing Com……

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