Enterprises resume work and production, and the power consumption in southern Vietnam shows an upward trend

Evn SPC said on November 8 that in October, the commercial power consumption of 21 provinces and cities in the South inc……

  • 2021-10-08
    State Grid of China: Russia

    During the "11" holiday, many places in China ensured stable and orderly power supply. Among them, China State Grid He……

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  • 2021-10-05
    How to solve the overall shortage of power in the future| Power war ①

    According to incomplete statistics, more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions have introduced measures to stop and l……

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  • 2021-10-04
    China Southern Power Grid takes multiple measures to ensure the stable operation of the National Day holiday

    The National Day is approaching, the autumn heat is not decreasing, the power demand in Guangdong is strong, and the load contin……

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  • 2021-09-28
    Switch off and limit power during peak power consumption? Response from the two provinces: avoid this situation as much as possible

    Jilin Province held a video dispatching meeting to ensure power coal supply, thermal insulation and warm winter and industrial o……

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  • 2021-09-25
    Open one stop six! Power rationing and shutdown have swept across many provinces, and China is playing a big game

    In order to achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization, the dual control pressure of energy consumption in these ……

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  • 2021-09-21
    Ministry of culture and Tourism: more than 88.15 million domestic tourists will travel during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday in 2021

    According to the news from the people's daily on September 21, the reporter learned from the Ministry of culture and Tourism: Ba……

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  • 2021-09-18
    The Northwest Branch of State Grid organized and completed the trans regional and trans provincial power purchase transaction of Shaanxi Power Grid in September, 1.985 billion kwh

    It was learned on September 16 that through the new generation power trading platform, the Northwest Branch of State Grid Co., L……

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  • 2021-09-14
    Industry Xiaobai must see! Five minutes to understand the composition of China

    We see the beautiful patterns outlined by the power staff under the blue sky. When we walk in the brightly lit streets and alley……

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  • 2021-09-10
    "Power engine" escorts the development of rural enterprises

    On September 9, the reporter learned from Xining electric power branch of state grid that the company is based on practicing the……

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